27 October 2012, 11:00

Possessed by an evil spirit or mental illness?

Possessed by an evil spirit or mental illness?

Almost 8 percent of Americans who are between the ages of 18-25 (20 percent for the entire society) have shown signs of mental illness, behavioral problems, and some kind of emotional disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

For an industrialized nation, this percentage is higher than it should be. Though doctors and psychiatric professionals agree that proper medicine and therapy are needed for these patients, opinions differ. The medical field favors solid, visible results when testing, though for disorders like bi-polar and schizophrenia, there is no blood test to prove 100 percent that this person is mentally ill. Therefore, their diagnosis may be incorrect, possibly leaving a patient popping pills for no reason.

“Medical science calls it schizophrenia but I call it as it, demonic oppression and demonic possession,” said Carlos A. Oliveira, a full time exorcist, to the Voice of Russia. Could doctors be misdiagnosing, and making their patients battle their mental disease with the wrong prescription on hand? Oliveira, better known as Brother Carlos thinks so and he is not alone in this ideology. A Gallup poll back in 2001 found that over 40 percent of Americans believed that “people on earth could sometimes be possessed by the devil” though it is not clear if survey takers were answering these questions wholeheartedly.

“Demon-possession doesn't necessary mean you are totally under demonic control although in some cases that may happen,” Oliveira explained, “I have been under demonic manipulation, influence and oppression ever since I was born up to until I gained knowledge and understanding of the demonic existence and how they prey upon humans. From that moment on I began casting out my own demons and got rid of the curses that ruled my life. Now I look back at my past actions and realize how oppressed, manipulated and influenced I was by the demonic realm.”

Oliveira has done over a thousand exorcisms and has seen it all. There is a list of ailments people have such as a deep feeling of anger, contemplating murder, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, insanity, and common addictions, such as gambling, drinking, and smoking. Doctors and licensed professionals believe a person has a chemical or hormonal imbalance which causes such negative behavior to happen, though exorcists see it from the other side of the fence.

To illustrate, a jaw dropping situation happened to a healthy 28 year old man. His faced constant migraine headaches. When Oliveira came to help him, his demons surfaced. A particularly strong demon manifested and got so angry that the color of the man’s eyes changed to red.

“So then, his demon told me ‘I am going to kill this man right now’ and I said ‘No you’re not going to kill him’ and he said ‘Yes I am and I’m already killing him. After that, all the bones in his body sounded like they were cracking. So a minute later the guy was dead, he stopped breathing. I cast the demon out of his body and once it left his body the guy woke up and his headaches were gone too,” told Oliveira whose new reality show on exorcism can be seen on biography.com.

Bob Wilkin doesn’t believe in the theory behind demons since it is “not indicated by anything in the Scripture”. Other skeptics are quick to point their finger, as people with mental illnesses realize their condition. People who have psychiatric disorders are quick to proclaim that they aren’t possessed by demons, and suggestions that are offensive. Regular therapy and medicine have been shown to help patients with mental problems.

While some believe their cure can be found through modern medicine, some are flocking to exorcists to release them from the demons which control them. Oliveira claims that the only way to rid the evil spirits is through Jesus Christ, not through a religion of any kind, only by the power of Christ.

In addition, as Halloween approaches Oliveira forewarns trick-or-treaters that this holiday is a demonic one, which can open the doors for evil entities to bother the innocent. As well staying away from activities like playing with the Ouija board, dabbling in witchcraft, and seeing horror movies is what this expert exorcist says is asking for trouble.

Whether skepticism prevails over the authenticity of exorcism being the real deal, is up to the eye of the beholder. Priests believe that malicious enemies are working their way into our lives by manipulating our minds into doing terrible actions. Though medicine says everything can be explained by the use of testing and reasoning. Whichever way the public sees it, at the end of the day choosing either option will prove nothing, unless it’s successful.

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