25 October 2012, 21:12

US accusations against Russia of violating convention against torture groundless - Russian Foreign Ministry

US accusations against Russia of violating convention against torture groundless - Russian Foreign Ministry

The U.S. accusations against Russia of violating the obligations under the International Convention against Torture concerning an opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev are unfounded and hypocritical, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s human rights and rule of law ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov said.

The U.S. has not fulfilled all promises made by the Obama Administrations yet, Dolgov said.

According to him, none of the American servicemen, none of the officials of special services allegedly guilty of torturing both American and foreign citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and in special CIA prisons, including the prison in Guantanamo has been punished yet.

US worried about Razvozzhaev’s case

The United States is worried about the situation related to the case of Left Front activist Leonid Razvozzhayev who is under arrest now on charges of plotting mass disorder, the US embassy in Moscow has reported today.

“We have expressed our concerns to Konstantin Dolgov, Russia’s human rights and rule of law ombudsman, and asked to conduct a thorough inquiry into the issue,” the press secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow said earlier on Thursday.

Kremlin not to comment on Razvozzhayev’s case - official

The Kremlin sees no particular reason to comment on the case of Left Front activist Leonid Razvozzhayev, accused of plotting mass disorder, which is what investigators, lawyers and human activists usually do, Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has told reporters today.

“There will certainly be no reaction. This is not a case to be commented on by the Kremlin anyway. This is more relevant for investigators, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and human activists,” he said.

Arrested Duma deputy aide never complained about maltreatment – official

The arrested Duma deputy aide, Leonid Razvozzhayev, has never complained about maltreatment.

This came in a statement for journalists by the Investigative Committee official spokesman, Vladimir Markin.

The Committee has been probing into a statement that Razvozzhayev has made public, alleging the use of torture against him.

Razvozzhayev is involved in a criminal case on charges of preparing for large-scale civil unrest, as recounted in the Anatomy of a Protest-2 TV documentary.

He was put on the wanted list on October 21 and subsequently turned himself in, according to Markin.

In his written statement, Razvozzhayev offered a detailed account of the circumstances, under which he, as well as Sergei Udaltsov, Konstantin Lebedev and other individuals prepared for unrest in the Russian Federation.

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