13 October 2012, 09:59

Who will rule in US after elections?

Who will rule in US after elections?

The current election campaign in the US will determine who will be president of the United States for the next four years. However, whoever will be elected to preside in the White House will definitely not rule the country. A number of recently released reports highlight an old truth that is yet to be substantiated by specific facts.

Judging by reports that leaked out into the press, the first ever official audit of the US Federal Reserve System has revealed that the FRS allocated incredibly huge amounts of money for American businesses during and after the 2008 crisis.

According to Senator Bernie Sanders, Wall Street has made the largest scoop in world history on account of US taxpayers. Senator Sanders goes on to say that an independent audit conducted at his request has revealed that the Federal Reserve earmarked a startling $16 trillion dollars for the country’s major financial and business corporations and wealthy individuals at zero interest without the approval of Congress and president, as required by the law.

If it were not for the highly influential senator, this information could easily pass for a tall tale designed to create a sensation. Washington officials and the Federal Reserve leadership have made no rebuttals concerning the reports, and the American news media, so thirsty for sensation, have been keeping mum on this as well. All this demonstrates who the so-called ‘free’ US press is working for.

However, it’s a mistake to think that the Federal Reserve, which performs the functions of a central bank in the US and has the right to print dollars, is dependent on the government. The US Federal Reserve is a privately-run corporation which assumed the functions of a central bank in 1913 following a conspiracy by top politicians and bankers. Even though it is not envisaged by the Constitution and is practically independent from the government and president, the Federal Reserve has been steering the US economy and policy since 1913.

There can be doubt as to whose interests the US Federal Reserve is trying to protect. The recent audit has revealed that the recipients of the billions issued by the US Federal Reserve since 2008 include Wall Street’s principal banks, including Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

At present, these banks are injecting huge funds into the election campaign of billionaire Mitt Romney, who declared Russia the number one enemy and promises to allocate generous funds for military programs. The Democratic candidate’s campaign is not experiencing any shortages of funds either. According to reports, the current election campaign is costing Obama about one billion dollars.

All these billions for the election race are not coming out of the blue. Whoever will win the election race will rule the White House but not the country.

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