10 October 2012, 18:59

Sanctions on Iran bring war closer

Sanctions on Iran bring war closer
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American media are talking about US and Israeli rapprochement in their stance on Iran. Some even claim that Israel and the US are considering a possible strike on Tehran’s nuclear sites before the November 6 elections.

Recently, US President Barack Obama approved another package of sanctions against Iran and those companies which cooperate with Iranian nuclear facilities.

However, international sanctions on Iran are having "significant" effects on the Iranian people and harming humanitarian and economic situation in the country, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said in a report to the UN General Assembly released on Friday.

Iran is now under UN, US and European Union sanctions (including a ban on Iran’s oil exports to Europe). The sanctions attempt to make Tehran cooperate with IAEA and prove that its nukes are peaceful.

Last week, the EU initiated to expand the sanctions though the Union doesn’t want to hurt the country’s population. Humanitarian situation in the republic is quite pitiful and observers predict it to worsen as the EU stops importing Iranian gas from October 15.

Maybe this will force Ahmadinejad to quit but his successor can be even worse, believes expert in Oriental Studies Nina Mamedova.

Unrest in Iran may bring the changes but not the one the West expects. The helm can be grabbed not by pro-Western powers but radicals linked to the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. Now military men are gaining more power in economy and politics and if they lead Iran, things could get more tense. (end)

The US has imposed a doubtful choice on Iran. Too tough sanctions will bring Iranians closer around Ahmadinejad. It should be also taken into account, that not every country joined the sanctions. They hit China’s economic interests in the region, as well as India’s and North Korea’s which purchase Iranian oil. Pyongyang also supports Iran’s struggle against the West.

Moreover, not all European companies halted business with Iran.

On the one hand, the sanctions are not that efficient to threaten the regime but are enough to affectthe general population. And they, obviously, will not make Iran halt nuclear enrichment but are likely to increase its hostility towards the West.

This scenario makes a regional conflict more probable and the harsher the West behaves, the further reconciliation is.

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