9 October 2012, 14:10

Russian weapons to recognize their owners

Russian weapons to recognize their owners

Russian weapons will fire only in the hands of their legitimate owners. A unique system of control over the operation of weapons has been developed by the order of the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

An electronic chip fitted into a pistol or machine-gun will be able to identify the marksman and block the shot if the biometrical information does not fit.

A photo, fingerprints, retina peculiarities and other personal information will be recorded in the chip whose sensors will be mounted in the handle, cock and sighting unit of a firearm. If the firearm gets into unauthorized hands or if the owner has been deprived of the license, no shot will follow.

It is a brilliant idea, especially for new weapons. As for the existing weapons, a lot of questions arise if the system could be installed on them, editor-in-chief of the Arms Export magazine Andrei Frolov says.

“It is not clear how to install such chips on the previous systems of weapons, so that criminals could not unfasten or inactivate them. I have strong doubts that such a chip could be installed on a Kalashnikov or a Makarov, or a TT to prevent them from firing in unauthorised hands.”

Moreover, there is a huge illegal market of weapons in the world, which is certain to impair the effectiveness of the new system in the near future, arms expert Maxim Popenker believes.

“If we remember that the black market is saturated with millions of pieces of weapons, the real effect of the new system, especially in preventing the criminal use of arms, will not be immediately obvious because criminals do not buy new weapons in shops.”

Still, even if we only take into consideration the legal circulation of weapons, it is hard to overestimate the significance of the new system. Firstly, the built-in chip will allow to monitor the itinerary of a piece of arms from the manufacturer to the end user. Secondly, the chip will register all uses of the weapon, including the regime of use and the consumption of cartridges. In many cases, this could play the main role in solving dubious problems, for example, disputing the rightful use of weapons by police.

The cost of the project is kept secret so far. Undoubtedly, the government will have to pay a pretty penny. However, their efforts will be repaid with saved lives and solved crimes.

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