7 October 2012, 11:47

Multiculturalism is dead?

Multiculturalism is dead?
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Dr. Janroj Keles, Research Fellow at the London Metropolitan University, talks about multiculturalism in Europe.

Policies have become increasingly sensitive.

Of course sensitive and also became as an instrument for radical right wing groups in Europe. But also as we can see the immigrants or refugees are used sometimes for the so called humanitarian actions or militarize the situation, I mean Turkey now has a lot of refugees from Syria and they are using this militarize the humanitarian actions. But also in the EU we have a lot of discussions in terms of the access to a political process, the access to a labour market and on equality and diversity, multiculturalism, I mean this is a huge debate in many countries.

And now as you know in Germany the Chancellor Angela Merkel said that multiculturalism is dead. And in Denmark there is a huge debate about multiculturalism, and also in the UK. And all of them are talking about how they try to create a sense of belonging to a nation and national cohesion. But in a meantime they try to ignore the cultures of other people, I mean we are talking about people, we are talking not about robots, and people have their cultural background, language, different types of social norms. But the debate in Europe is based on how we can create a new form of a group which should be like us.

And just to remind you our guest speaker was Dr. Janroj Keles – Research Fellow at the London Metropolitan University.

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