4 October 2012, 13:06

Lavrov: Syria should admit border shelling as tragic accident

Lavrov: Syria should admit border shelling as tragic accident

Russia considers it as highly important that the Syria government should admit the Wednesday’s cross-border shelling incident was an accident. This position was pronounced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday.

“We have reached the Syrian authorities through our Ambassador to Syria, and they have assured us and UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi that what happened on the Syrian-Turkish border was a tragic accident. It won’t happen again,” he said.

Russia has urged the UN Security Council to offer a balanced response to the Turkey-Syria cross-border incident, a diplomatic source at the UN headquarters said after the organization discussed the exchange of fire in Akcakale.

Turkish artillery fired on targets in Syria after shells from across the border killed five Turkish nationals.

Five people were killed and eight more injured. Ankara blames the violence on Damascus, while the exact place from where the fire came has not been yet located.


Turkey launches artillery strike against Syria retaliating to mortar attack on border

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