4 September 2012, 17:20

Russian Navy to have drones

Russian Navy to have drones

Anatoly Shlemov, chief of the Department of State Orders at the Unified Ship Building Corporation says that the Russian Navy is to be equipped with unmanned submarines, saying that the issue of the creation of an autonomous unmanned submarines fleet has been in discussion since 1980.

In 1989, it was decided that it would be inexpedient to solve special tasks by manned subs, and the military has argued that subversive and anti-subversive tasks should better be handled by robots. Unmanned apparatuses can tackle and solve a wide range of tasks dealing with purely military targets, as well as civilian ones, says Vladimir Sherbakov, a Naval expert. Tape.

“Such tasks include the inspection of a particular section of the sea bed, objects on the sea bed,when the use of divers or manned subs is inappropriate, dangerous, or expensive. The blowing up of enemy ships and submarines, as well as installations at ports and bases and several other tricky tasks, can be done by robots”, said Vladimir Sherbakov.

“Some experts however believe that torpedoes and mines can be more effective in the destruction of naval ships. They say that the use of subs to detect mine fields is unavoidable. Developing this aspect requires money and a high level of surveillance equipment. In the future, the Navy, the civilian and other Departments connected to the use of the Seas and Oceans will not develop normally without these devices. This is confirmed by the fact that Russia and other developed countries are presently busy creating and using unmanned submarines”, stressed Vladimir Sherbakov.

The U.S., Israel, France, Britain, Sweden and Japan are all engaged in developing their unmanned subs. Some countries create them for military purposes, some to promote diving in the gas and oil fields, while still others are developing theirs for police and anti-terror warfare.

Russia is using the technology to deal with accidents at gas pipeline drilling wells, at submarine facilities, as well as in searches for sunken ships. The creation of unmanned subs is a world wide phenomenon.

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