3 September 2012, 01:41

U.S. drone kills 13 civilians in Yemen

U.S. drone kills 13 civilians in Yemen

At least 13 civilians were killed on Sunday by U.S. drone strike in central Yemen reported the Xinhua news agency, citing a source in the local administration.

The American drone aircraft missed its target which were suspected Al-Qaeda militants and a rocket struck two vehicles in the town of Radda Al-Bayda province, leaving 13 civilians, including two women, dead, said a representative of the local authorities, who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the news agency the target of the drone was a car carrying one of the leaders of the Al-Qaeda Rauf al-Dhahaba. But the terrorists managed to survive.

The Yemeni cell of Al-Qaeda is one of the most active in the region and the world.


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