29 August 2012, 18:45

Russian car giant presents its novelties

Russian car giant presents its novelties

Russian giant automobile-producing company “AVTOVAZ” has already showed to journalists what it will present at the International Auto Show in Moscow.

The show will open for the public on August 31.

“AVTOVAZ” will present 3 of its totally new cars – a concept car “Lada XRay”, the second generation of the “Lada Kalina” model and the electric car “Ellada”.

“Ellada” can be on the run within 8 hours after it has been charged from a common electricity set, and reach a speed of up to 130 kms per hour.

Among other exhibits, there will be two new modifications of the “Lada Largus” model, the lux model “Lada Granta” and a civil version of the sports car “Lada Granta Sport”.


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