23 August 2012, 17:19

Urine therapy: cure or cult?

Urine therapy: cure or cult?

People worldwide are said to participate in an ancient act of drinking their own urine or rubbing it onto their body, for medical results some call astonishing. Others see reusing and recycling someone’s own urine as an outrageous act.

Many do not like the idea of keeping urine around, let alone in a glass to chug down. People who are avid about this culture take it to heart that the secrets behind the liquid, has a magical influence on their health. As reported on theyogadr.com, urine can contain calcium and magnesium, vitamin C, along with amino acids. Since these people are looking at the beneficial vitamins and minerals they are gaining from drinking the yellow concoction, they see the good in what the majority of society probably considers taboo.

Frankly speaking, there haven’t been heaps and heaps of research indulged into the topic of urine and because of that, skeptics stay quite skeptical. One doctor, Dr. Dharmadhikari of Pune in Maharashtra state, India, has given auto-urine therapy on over 200 patients and the results are enlightening at best. Highlights from the findings are that the patients’ bodies began to take in more oxygen from the atmosphere. Also, their metabolic reactions speeded up after having used this type of therapy.

Other benefits can be found by using this somewhat controversial way of being healthy. “First time I remember I used it when I was about 8 years old. I had a severe case of throat infection. Doctor’s medicine did not help and my mother told me to use my own urine, gargle and swallow some to get infection that was deep down the throat area. It worked like a charm, said Max a Ukrainian who is co-authoring a book on urine therapy with his wife Alina.

Doctors are the gatekeepers in this category and mainstream society urges many not to try this kind of treatment. “Urine is an old medicine and unfortunately majority of mainstream doctors cannot endorse urine therapy openly because of fear of repercussions on their career and reputation,” admitted Max, but believes there are doctors out there that may endorse it behind closed doors.

Another doctor commented on their experience on Dr. John’s Health File blogspot blog. They said in the post that they had given a lecture at Mumbai Rotary Club. Surprisingly so, the doctors present there told this particular medical practitioner to stop promoting urine therapy because they were having a slack season. In other words, business was slow, so keeping quiet about it would be better.

That doesn’t stop the avid users of urine therapy, as this is definitely a medicine that cannot be taken away from them. The advantages of use as well as variety of how it is implemented are extraordinary indeed. “I take a bath from my urine and sometimes others urine for a bath. I do not use soap, shampoo, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, and deodorant, said Sunil Kumar Munot creator of the website munot.in, whose mission is to bring good health to each person at no cost, just free, “Urine is an alternative for all this for me and I am 41 years old but look 25-28 years old.”

If non-users are still on the edge about drinking their own pee, it is interesting to note that urofollotropin, a urine-extract fertility drug known in the industry as Bravelle® is one prime example of how urine is already being implemented in the medical profession. A certain component from urine, from postmenopausal women is taken in order for the drug to be useful.

Urine has been said to help get rid of dandruff on the scalp and to make eyes feel less painful. Older urine can be used to rid oneself of earaches, and infections in the ear. Many others have reported that this liquid is a good face wash and makes acne disappear. Though, these are possible, everyone’s individual results may not be the same. Munot tells the tale of his 7 year old twin daughter who has cerebral palsy with a weak immune system. After starting her on urine therapy, she is said to be in a much healthier condition, which he accredits to her urine she drank.

Public be cautious as with any therapy there are an equal amount of loses as there are gains, the Chinese Association cautions people of the possible side effects that are correlated with this therapy. Fatigue, itch, pain, and diarrhea are just some of the symptoms people may encounter as they start this new venture with urine therapy. Though the reaction to it is negative, this association also mentions how much of a pity it is to feel in such a way with a treatment that can work wonders for many.

“I would not recommend stopping urine therapy especially if the body is detoxing. Just take a little less and slow down the process so that the person can handle it,” told Tony Scazzero, writer on drinkyourownwater.com.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that urine therapy may stick around for a while longer, while the same goes for the nay-sayers to the entire idea. The health benefits seem possible although the thought of having to take a shot of the yellow juice may be mentally too much to take on. “Drink urine and live healthy life and save your hard earned money and spend them on your family or save for your future,” said Munot. The choice is simple, drink it or throw it down the drain.

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