11 August 2012, 16:11

Russia's Air Force marks centenary

Russia's Air Force marks centenary
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The three-day air show began in the town of Zhukovsky outside Moscow on Saturday to mark the centenary of the Russian Air Force. President Vladimir Putin watched the show's opening ceremony which featured both the latest aircrafts and vehicles made in the early 20th century.

The air show in Zhukovsky, which is a well-known venue for the annual MAKS show, is expected to become one of the largest events of its kind in 2012. The world’s leading pilots have arrived in Moscow from Great Britain, France, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Italy and Finland to congratulate their colleagues and join the show. Visitors are welcome to see all stages of aircraft construction.

President Vladimir Putin watched a T-50 fifth generation aircraft and a MiG-29M2 fighter jet performing a flight. Mr. Putin also addressed the Air Force officers and veterans, saying that Russians will never forget heroic deeds of the pilots during WW II and in later military operations. The President also commented on what the Russian Air Force is in for…

"The history of the Russian Air Force knows the examples of real bravery and self-sacrifice, hard work and outstanding technical achievements. Military aviation has always been of great importance in our country. And now when we are implementing large-scale modernization of the army and the fleet, the future of the air force is definitely among the priorities. The Russian Air Force is going to play a great part in ensuring the national security. Our air bases are now busy implementing new training schemes, with strategic jets carrying out regular flights and multi-purpose aviation groups being formed. The army will receive over 600 new planes and 1,000 helicopters by the year 2020," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin also pledged further social support to military aviators and veterans. The President congratulated everyone who serves in the Air Force and wished them health and prosperity.


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