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The Russian Cosmists: Russia’s philosophical concept in English

The Russian Cosmists: Russia’s philosophical concept in English

In the new book named 'The Russian Cosmists: The Esoteric Futurism of Nikolai Fedorov and His Followers', written by George M. Young, the concept of cosmism is explored thoroughly. Young details the various thinkers of cosmism, along with their lives and what they had done to contribute to this idea.

As people scatter around busily, they may forget how differently we view both tech and science in the here and now. Missions to Mars, to just heading over to the moon is captivating achievement by itself. The question on everyone’s minds may be, who thought this would be possible, and how early did people envision this kind of advanced thinking and diverse outlook on life.

For people who aren’t philosophy buffs, cosmists have a very uplifting view about the evolution of space and science as we know it. Russia and cosmism go hand in hand, as many unique thinkers came from Russia such as Sergei Nikolaevich Bulgakov and Konstantin Edouardovich Tsiolkovsky

“I think one thing is that the cosmists thinkers enlarge our vision of ourselves, give a longer picture of who we are as human beings, our lives, our environment, so that we look at ourselves as citizens of not only of a country, or even of a single planet but really of the entire universe,” said Young.

Some theories cosmists have may seem quite bizarre. Young said Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov believed that death was at the root of all problems. Fedorov felt that if we as a society fixed the problem we label as death, that we could fix it all. This included issues related to politics, society, the economy, and other types of philosophical conundrums in the mix.

In the book, there is a lot of new material, which readers may not have seen elsewhere. In depth information about the core of this philosophy is what to expect. Each section is neatly divided out into smaller parts, so a person can pick and choose what they would like to know more about first. As well, it may be the typical philosophy book, which is deep and insightful, however it is written in a way that is clear, vivid, and quite refreshing.

“People tend to view Russia from a skewed and slanted view, mostly about politics and so this gives more of other sides of Russian culture that I think are very important for the world to know about,” commented Young.

Before rushing out the door and getting caught up in the rat race of life, remember this. The theories of cosmism existed in the past, are becoming more popular today and will probably become even more prevalent as time progresses. “The cosmists I think are an expression of this Russian idea of exploration,” expressed Young. There is nothing wrong with being an explorer. Plunging into

The Russian Cosmists

may change the way a person views the world, both physically and mentally. For others, this piece of knowledge may just simply give another view on life as we perceive it.

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