13 July 2012, 15:03

Russian Parliament OKs anti-defamation bill

Russian Parliament OKs anti-defamation bill

The Russian Parliament has officially returned the defamation to the country’s criminal code, passing a corresponding bill on its third reading with 238 votes for and 91 against.

The second reading saw jail terms removed from the original draft bill but raised the fine to a maximum of 5 million rubles.

Under the new legislation, libel suspects will normally face a considerable fine of up to 500,000 rubles, while defamation combined with abuse of office will be punished by 2 million rubles.

Additionally, intentional dissemination of false information damaging the dignity of a judge, a prosecutor, an investigator or a bailiff in court will be punished by 5 million rubles or community service of up to 480 hours.

Topping it all, any slander in the media will be fought with a hefty fine of 1 million rubles.


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