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Russia – quadruple champions

Russia – quadruple champions

The Russian ice hockey team for the fourth time has become world champions.The main motto of the World Cup Finals in 2012 for the Russian team was; was whatever happens, do not repeat the debacle of a decade ago, when we lost to the Slovaks 3:4.

The "Underdog" of the FIFA World Cup was Slovakia under the wise eye of Vladimir Vuytek, who is well known to Russians as a member of the management of Yaroslavl’s Locomotive, set the task to get to the final eight but reached the finals of the tournament knocking out even Canada and the Czech Republic.

Russia, as usual, allowed the first goal. In the second minute Chara slammed the puck past Semyon Varlamov, who surprisingly was not prepared for the attack, even though no one blocked his view and the puck did not ricochet.

The inspired Slovaks then actively continued to apply intense pressure on the Russian zone, trying to destroy any Russian attack before it had the chance to materialize.

The Russian team continued their attack and in the 10th minute by a lucky miracle for the Slovaks Malkin did not score, the hockey stick of Ivan Barankin happened to find itself in the path of the puck, as he seemed to have assumed the role of goalkeeper for a moment. However their luck was not to hold as a minute later the target was struck by Syomin. The NHL superhero played like a champion: Datsyuk passed to Ovechkin on the left flank who then passed to Syomin, who drove the puck home, right into the gate.

The remaining 10 minutes saw the advantage being maintained by the Russians, but the Slovak defense acted very carefully, and did not give the referees reason to penalize them. The period ended with no players being taken off the ice, and Russia with more goal attempts than the Slovaks, but not much, 13:9.

During the second period the Slovaks did not back off and continued to go the distance. Russia however took control of the puck and continued to put intense pressure on their opponent’s goal. Malkin continued to work wonders on the ice with three consecutive attacks, but Laco was ready and blocked every attempt. The next to score was Perezhogin, Popov kept two members of the defense busy and passed to his partner, who slammed the puck into the goal and scored as two opponents and the goalkeeper tried to close the goal. They failed, the puck did a mini-ricochet and did a slow crawl into the goal.

Russia continued to attack: with attempt after attempt by the tireless Malkin who kept, just missing, the goal. The Slovaks managed to approach the Russian goal only durin the middle of the game and were even able to attack, but alas no luck! A brilliant rapid fire combination between Zherdev, Shirokov and Tereshchenko left the Slovakian defense out in the cold and Latso smashed another one home.

As the game went on so did the scores. A solo attempt by Datsyuk finished beautifully but was ineffectual as he should have passed to Ovechkin. No problem a second later, Alexander Syomin goes for a take-two. Having earned the numerical advantage the Russian national team left the ice for the last break in a great mood.

At the beginning of the third stage of the game things calmed down. Russia continued to dominate the Slovaks who were sluggishly trying to resist. The fans of the Russian team did not agree and shouted Goal! Goal! Datsyuk responded to the fans and receiving a pass from Syomin while behind the goal turned it around and sent it home for a score of 5:1! In despair Vuytek changed the goalkeeper in an attempt to shake up the team, when suddenly Ovechkin was penalized. Immediately Chara, took advantage of the situation and made an attempt; apparently, the defense in front of him just parted.

The Russians got themselves under control again and continued to attack. However the Slovak team had changed the goalkeeper for good reason and the new is all over the puck. The Russian team is clearly tired as the Slovaks increasingly attack the Russian goal.

The game was far from over for the Russians as they could not finish the game without another goal by the best player of the tournament Yvgeny Malkin. Two minutes before the final bell Yvgeny did everything himself: took the puck to the central area, sailed past the defense and slammed it home! This triumph went to the team of Zinetul Bilyaletdinov, who made the team a close-knit one where everyone knows their place and works as partners. Due to this the many attempted goals and the overwhelming advantage over their opponent. Russia is once again: the champions!

Russia - Slovakia - 6:2 (1:1, 3:0, 2:1)

0:1 - Chara (Surov) - 01:06.

1:1 - Syomin (Ovechkin, Datsyuk) - 9:57.

2:1 - Perezhogin (Popov) - 26:10.

3:1 - Tereshchenko (Shirokov, Zherdev) - 33:31.

4:1 - Syomin (Datsyuk) - 35:22.

5:1 - Datsyuk (Syomin, Ovechkin) - 43:55.

5:2 - Chara (Surov, Shatan) - 49:37 (5x4).

6:2 - Malkin (Nikulin, Nikitin) - 58:02.

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