25 April 2012, 09:45

Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile - military

Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile - military

Pakistan successfully test fired a nuclear-capable intermediate-range ballistic missile on Wednesday, the military said, less than a week after India test launched a long-range missile.

The exact range of the missile was not revealed, but retired General Talat Masood, a defence analyst, told AFP it would be able to hit targets up to 2,500 to 3,000 kilometres (1,550 to 1,850 miles) away - putting arch-rival India well within reach.

On Thursday India test fired its long range Agni V missile, which can deliver a one-tonne nuclear warhead anywhere in China.

"Pakistan today successfully conducted the launch of the intermediate range ballistic missile Hatf IV Shaheen-1A weapon system," the military said in a statement.

India and Pakistan - which have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947 - have routinely carried out missile tests since both demonstrated nuclear weapons capability in 1998.


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