27 February 2012, 11:46

The terrorists, engaged in preparations for an attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life, acted on orders from henchmen of the North Caucasus criminal underground chief Doku Umarov.

According to Russia’s TV Channel One, the terrorists made war-time mines and carefully studied the route of the Prime Minister’s motorcade, to launch an attack.

Three militants, including two Chechens and one Kazakh, were arrested in Odessa, Ukraine, following a blast in a block of flats in the city on the Black Sea coast. The plot was unearthed due to close cooperation of Russian and Ukrainian security services.

The investigation is continuing. The Russian Prime Minister’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has confirmed reports on the planned attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life. The Russian Federal Security Service FSB has so far refrained from comments. 

Attempt on Putin’s life foiled 

The security services of Ukraine and Russia have foiled a terrorist attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life, according to Russia’s TV Channel One.

A group of internationally wanted gangsters has been arrested in Odessa. It follows from their evidence that they planned to carry out their criminal intention in Moscow right after the forthcoming presidential election on March 4th.

Special service officers found the details of the planned attack on the terrorists’ computer. The Ukrainian mass media reported the arrest in Odessa, early this month, of a group of rebel fighters who acted on orders from the Chechen separatist chieftain Doku Umarov.

But it’s been unclear thus far whether the arrested are the same terrorists that planned an attempt on Putin’s life. TV Channel One said it would offer the details in its news roundups tonight.


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