• Kendall Jenner
    Last update: 09:09 GMT 09.07.2019
    09:09 GMT 09.07.2019

    Kendall Jenner Wows 50 Cent, Kim Kardashian With Her Take on Bottle Cap Challenge (Video)

    One of the Kardashian clan’s beauties joined this summer’s viral craze after she was challenged by another Instagram diva, Hailey Bieber (nee Baldwin). Her response has everything a celebrity fan could wish for – a model in a tiny bikini, the picturesque Greek seaside, and holiday vibes.

  • Monitor lizard
    Last update: 07:52 GMT 09.07.2019
    07:52 GMT 09.07.2019

    Gozdilla Alert! Giant Monitor Lizard Storms Malaysian House (Photos)

    Sometimes, wild animals can be really annoying when they attempt to sneak onto people’s territory. But some of the beasts are just too big to argue with!

  • Area 51
    Last update: 07:48 GMT 09.07.2019
    07:48 GMT 09.07.2019

    Thousands of Alien Hunters to Storm US Top Secret Area 51 to Search for Extraterrestrial Proof

    The truth hunters, however, have made no secret of their daring plans to seek extraterrestrial guests in an area of Edwards Air Force base that is classified and heavily guarded. They’ve even invited everyone willing to join on Facebook. An earlier attempt to breach the area ended in the death of a trespasser.

  • Belle Delphine
    Last update: 02:39 GMT 09.07.2019
    02:39 GMT 09.07.2019

    'I'm Gonna Vape This B*tch': YouTuber Performs Vaping 'Belle Delphine’s Bath Water'

    Last week, Belle Delphine, notorious Instagram model and cosplayer from the United Kingdom, presented an absolutely unique item in her online store - the gamer girl offered her fans the chance to buy "bath water", which appears to be the actual water she bathed in.

  • US Man Arrested After Licking, Fingering Ice Cream in ‘Copycat’ Recording
    Last update: 21:04 GMT 08.07.2019
    21:04 GMT 08.07.2019

    US Man Arrested After Licking, Fingering Ice Cream in ‘Copycat’ Recording (Videos, Photos)

    Yet another US individual faces charges related to a recording of them licking and returning a carton of Blue Bell ice cream to a supermarket freezer. Although there are slight differences in the two cases, police argue the intent remains the same.

  • ‘Hold My Daughter!’: Family Fistfight Breaks Out in ‘Happiest Place on Earth
    Last update: 19:35 GMT 08.07.2019
    19:35 GMT 08.07.2019

    ‘Hold My Daughter!’: Family Fistfight Breaks Out in ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ (Graphic Video)

    Children and fellow parkgoers in Anaheim, California, were left stunned on Saturday after a family feud of goofy proportions broke out in Disneyland’s Toontown, somehow only resulting in the brawlers being escorted out of the park.

  • Spanish gymnast Almudena Cid performs with the rope during the rhythmic gymnastics individual at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008.  (AP Photo/Odd Andersen)
    Last update: 19:24 GMT 08.07.2019
    19:24 GMT 08.07.2019

    Female Olympic Gymnast Accepts #BottleCapChallenge on Headstand Swinging Legs Up in Air

    An Olympic gymnast appears to have also enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon as she has taken up the now wildly popular “Bottle Cap Challenge” kick-started by a handful of celebs, like singer John Mayer, actor Jason Statham, as well as UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway and his octagon colleague Conor McGregor.

  • A logo of Huawei hangs in the lobby of the Cyber Security Lab at Huawei factory in Dongguan, China's Guangdong province
    Last update: 19:18 GMT 08.07.2019
    19:18 GMT 08.07.2019

    Chinese in Awe Over 'Patriotic' Huawei Make-Up of Title Character in Disney's Upcoming Mulan Movie

    Chinese tech firm Huawei has recently become subject to a US crackdown that cut the company off from both the American market and some of the technologies that were used in its smartphones and telecom equipment.

  • UFO
    Last update: 18:43 GMT 08.07.2019
    18:43 GMT 08.07.2019

    Hysteria as Two ‘Alien-Like’ Round Objects Captured Above Grand Canyon

    The blobs, spotted high over the horizon above the iconic US national park, were found to be travelling together, offering a bizarre and highly intriguing sight.

  • Bees
    Last update: 17:07 GMT 08.07.2019
    17:07 GMT 08.07.2019

    Bees Drop Dead After California Earthquake, Leaving Netizens Clueless

    A 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook California last week, inflicting damage on infrastructure in the region, but luckily resulting in no deaths or major injuries. However, some of the western US state’s flying and buzzing inhabitants reportedly did become casualties, leaving at least one Californian unsettled.

  • Lobster
    Last update: 16:53 GMT 08.07.2019
    16:53 GMT 08.07.2019

    Netizens Deride Israeli Embassy Over 'Censoring' Non-Kosher Lobster in Envoy's Photo With Bolsonaro

    Netizens have suggested that the embassy has tried to obscure that the Israeli envoy was eating shellfish, which is considered a violation of the laws of kashrut in Judaism, but were stunned by how amateurish the alleged editing was done.

  • US tennis player Alison Riske smiles in Prague, Czech Republic
    Last update: 14:05 GMT 08.07.2019
    14:05 GMT 08.07.2019

    Wimbledon Star Alison Riske's 'Louder Than Sharapova' Grunts Shock Netizens

    Russian player Maria Sharapova is famous not only for her numerous successes on the tennis court, but also due to her extremely loud grunts while playing, with some claiming they are louder than a jet in flight.

  • Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber (R) arrives on the red carpet for the 58th Annual Grammy music Awards in Los Angeles February 15, 2016.
    Last update: 07:13 GMT 08.07.2019
    07:13 GMT 08.07.2019

    Justin Bieber Picks New Fight With Tom Cruise and Joins Bottle Cap Challenge (Video)

    The 25-year-old Canadian hit-maker prompted a social media stir earlier this summer when he challenged the 56-year-old Mission Impossible star to face him in the UFC Octagon. Although the pop icon later backtracked, he has not given up on the idea of fighting the A-list Hollywood actor, known for his love of stunts.

  • Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin at Rostelecom Cup Gala Show
    Last update: 01:08 GMT 08.07.2019
    01:08 GMT 08.07.2019

    Russian Ice Skater Alexandra Stepanova Shares Stunning Photo From Olympic Centre

    As the figure skater prepares for the upcoming World Figure Skating Championship, she finds a minute to share a stunning photo on her social media, to the glee of her fans.

  • Mariah Carey performs during the All The Hits tour at The BB&T Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Last update: 21:31 GMT 07.07.2019
    21:31 GMT 07.07.2019

    Mariah Carey Bottle Cap Challenge Declared 'Winner' By Twitterverse

    The #bottlecapchallenge has taken the internet by storm. Celebrities and others are attempting to remove screw-top bottle lids using impressive and unique MMA kicks with varying degrees of success and failure.

  • Atlantis
    Last update: 18:44 GMT 07.07.2019
    18:44 GMT 07.07.2019

    Ancient Myths or Aliens? UFO Hunter Spies 'Asian Atlantis' on the Seabed Near Japan

    Having examined his discovery, the conspiracy theorist suggested that the symbol he found might point at the location of a city built there by aliens in times immemorial.

  • Jewish man
    Last update: 12:46 GMT 07.07.2019
    12:46 GMT 07.07.2019

    'Jews Stole All Positive Energy': Egyptian Actor Suspended on Twitter for Alleged Anti-Semitic Posts

    The outlandish remarks that were posted on the actor’s Twitter account allegedly included, among other thing, claims the Jews removed the nose of the Great Sphinx of Giza and they control the "space-time continuum".

  • BIGBANG's T.O.P discharged from military service
    Last update: 12:13 GMT 07.07.2019
    12:13 GMT 07.07.2019

    Fans Start to Count Days Till K-Pop Kings' Comeback as BIGBANG's T.O.P Discharged From Military

    The star became the first member of the popular boy band to be released from mandatory South Korean military service.

  • Yana Koshkina
    Last update: 11:04 GMT 07.07.2019
    11:04 GMT 07.07.2019

    'Take That, Statham!': Russian Bombshell Uses Her Knockers to Complete Bottle Cap Challenge (Video)

    Instead of attempting to knock off the bottle cap with a martial arts kick, the actress instead used a different part of her body to accomplish the feat.

  • Last update: 10:55 GMT 07.07.2019
    10:55 GMT 07.07.2019

    The Fastest Draw in the West: UFC Fighter Knocks Opponent Down in 5 Seconds (Video)

    The previous record was set by US heavyweight UFC fighter Don Frye, who knocked down his opponent, Thomas Ramirez, in eight seconds during a fight in 1996.