• The 2017 International Dota 2 Championship
    Last update: 02:58 21.04.2019
    02:58 21.04.2019

    OpenAI’s Dota 2 Video Game Bots Can Beat Top Players But Lose to Internet Teams

    OpenAI’s team of Dota 2 bots, which has beaten top players in the past, moved to face challengers on the internet – and has suddenly started to lose to teams of human players, who are learning how to exploit OpenAI Five’s weaknesses.

  • American actor, film director and producer Robert De Niro opens Nobu Crocus City restaurant in Moscow
    Last update: 01:25 21.04.2019
    01:25 21.04.2019

    Robert De Niro Slams Trump as ‘Wannabe Gangster’ and ‘Total Loser’

    During his appearance on the Late Show to discuss the Tribeca Film Festival, Hollywood actor Robert De Niro called US President Donald Trump a 'total loser' and 'dumbbell', continuing attacks on the US leader and his policies that began during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

  • Russian hacker bear
    Last update: 19:08 20.04.2019
    19:08 20.04.2019

    Russia Releases Big 120-Page Report on Russophobia, Russiagate Hysteria in US

    Numerous politicians, officials, political experts, and media outlets in the US have been pushing a narrative about an alleged conspiracy between President Donald Trump and Moscow for the past three years. Their speculations were cut short by the publication of Special Counsel Mueller's report - which indicates there were no signs of collusion.

  • This photo provided by HBO shows a scene from the sixth episode of the seventh season of HBO's Game of Thrones.
    Last update: 15:02 20.04.2019
    15:02 20.04.2019

    One of Game of Thrones' Biggest Mysteries REVEALED

    As the eighth season of Game of Thrones premiered this week, fans of the show have been speculating over the true meaning of the Night King’s ominous spiral symbol.

  • Virus
    Last update: 13:22 20.04.2019
    13:22 20.04.2019

    Dutch Cop Blinded by Gonorrhoea After Diseased Thug Spits in His Face - Reports

    The spit that infected the cop with gonorrhoea bacteria took place while the arrested offender was in a holding cell in the Dutch city of Leiden, in the province of South Holland, the Daily Star reported on Saturday.

  • PewDiePie
    Last update: 12:09 20.04.2019
    12:09 20.04.2019

    PewDiePie Challenges Viewers to Help T-Series DISS Beat Out Post Malone's Video

    PewDiePie dropped his ballistic diss on T-Series, “Congratulations”, after the Indian music giant surpassed the YouTuber in subscription numbers in late March – and the song has become an instant hit on the video hosting platform.

  • Member of Parliament, Diane Abbott, left, Ginario Da Costa, right, the father of Edson Da Costa, and Esa Charles, father of Rashan Charles who died after contact with police last Saturday, arrives at a protest over his death at Stoke Newington police station, London, Saturday July 29, 2017.
    Last update: 11:24 20.04.2019
    11:24 20.04.2019

    Labour’s Abbott Breaks Alco Ban on Train, Sipping Rum Cocktail, Apologises Amid Backlash

    Diane Abbott has landed in hot water after a photo of her drinking what seems to be a mojito on the London Overground emerged. Drinking alcohol on trains and buses is prohibited in the British capital, so some called on Transport for London to fine the shadow home secretary, who is said to be a vocal opponent of cheap alcohol.

  • Elizabeth Warren
    Last update: 08:46 20.04.2019
    08:46 20.04.2019

    'Ambulance Chaser': Twitter Slams Dem. Warren as She Urges to Impeach Trump Over Mueller Report

    The Massachusetts senator, aka “Pocahontas” in Donald Trump’s words, has a long history of facing off with the current US president. Now she has reportedly become the first 2020 presidential candidate and most senior Democrat to call for impeaching him from the Oval Office, citing allegations that he obstructed the Mueller probe.

  • Harmony, a lifelike sex doll
    Last update: 07:00 20.04.2019
    07:00 20.04.2019

    Sex Doll Collector Says Robots Will ‘Replace Amazon Alexa’ as Home Gadgets

    Brick Dollbanger, sex doll collector and owner of the most technologically advanced Harmony sex doll model whose real identity remains a secret, believes sex dolls could replace AI smart devices because the latter lack a human touch.

    Last update: 04:09 20.04.2019
    04:09 20.04.2019

    Netizens Laugh as Instagram Model Shoots AR-15 Without Sights (VIDEO)

    The popular Instagram model Zoe Klopfer had an AR-15 in her hands and surprised her subscribers – not with the precise shooting but because she was firing a rifle without using the scope.

  • British supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell at the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. File photo
    Last update: 03:12 20.04.2019
    03:12 20.04.2019

    Naomi Campbell Says ‘Certain Country’ Declined Her Campaign Because She Is Black

    Naomi Campbell has revealed that an advertising campaign she recently modelled in wasn’t featured in a “certain country” because of her skin colour.

  • (L to R) Second placed Netherland's Eythora Thordsdottir, winner France's Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos and third placed Russia's Angelina Melnikova pose on the podium of floor exercises competition of the Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Szczecin, Poland on April 14, 2019
    Last update: 21:00 19.04.2019
    21:00 19.04.2019

    UEG 'Banana Awards' for Gymnasts Raise Eyebrows on Social Media

    The European Union of Gymnastics choice of awards for tournament participants has apparently become a cause of concern for some social media users who wondered whether it might be interpreted as a racist gesture.

  • Khloe Kardashian participates in the panel for Kocktails with Khloe at the FYI 2016 Winter TCA on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Pasadena, Calif.
    Last update: 19:00 19.04.2019
    19:00 19.04.2019

    'Dear Men': Khloe Kardashian Gives CRYPTIC Advice, Gets Schooled Online

    While Khloe did not drop Tristan Thompson’s name in her post, the message was reportedly released shortly after the two attended a birthday party for their daughter.

  • WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: Former President Bill Clinton and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stand on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC.
    Last update: 18:12 19.04.2019
    18:12 19.04.2019

    'Hillary's Such a Minx!' Twitter Wild as Journo Claims She Spotted Bill Clinton Browsing Kama Sutra

    BBC host Emily Maitlis, who gave a glimpse into her career as a journalist in her new book Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News, has made some risqué claims about ex-POTUS Bill Clinton.

  • SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk speaks after announcing Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as the first private passenger on a trip around the moon, Monday, Sept. 17, 2018, in Hawthorne, Calif
    Last update: 15:45 19.04.2019
    15:45 19.04.2019

    PewDiePie Reposts Elon Musk's 'Pretty Much Complete Nonsense' Viral Tweet

    Retweeted by thousands of people, Musk’s message was apparently regarded as a joke by many social media users who responded to him in kind.

  • Norwegian
    Last update: 13:07 19.04.2019
    13:07 19.04.2019

    Norwegian Airline Defends Gender-Specific Dress Code Amid Left-Wing Criticism

    New guidelines by Scandinavia's largest airline, which require all employees to abide by a strict gender-specific code, have triggered outcry from left-wing parties for being out of touch with contemporary trends, undermining equality, and reinforcing gender stereotypes.

  • PewDiePie
    Last update: 11:53 19.04.2019
    11:53 19.04.2019

    PewDiePie's Foe Subscribes to T-Series in Act of REVENGE for Savage Joke

    PewDiePie has once again been outperformed by T-Series in their months-long battle for the most subscribed YouTube channel – and the Swede is literally responsible for pushing at least one sub into joining the Indian music label’s skyrocketing follower base.

  • White House Advisor Ivanka Trump dances as she meets women entrepreneurs, at the demonstration cocoa farm in Adzope, Ivory Coast April 17, 2019
    Last update: 10:11 19.04.2019
    10:11 19.04.2019

    Ivanka Trump Roasted For ‘Privilege’ Remark After Visiting Cocoa Farm in Africa

    Following her agenda of promoting women’s empowerment, the presidential daughter and White House adviser has travelled to Africa on a solo trip. Apart from meeting politicians and entrepreneurs, she has also demonstrated a couple of her dance moves. However, neither bought her support online.

  • 2,000 Square Meter Roof of Residential Building Burns in Kansk, Russia
    Last update: 07:18 19.04.2019
    07:18 19.04.2019

    WATCH 2,000 Square Meter Roof of Residential Building Burns in Kansk, Russia

    The roof of a five-storey residential building is burning in an area of almost 2,000 square meters in Kansk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

    Last update: 06:32 19.04.2019
    06:32 19.04.2019

    Researcher Claims Argentinian Prophet ‘Predicted Notre Dame Fire’ Decades Ago

    Researcher Bibiana Bryson, who guards hundreds of “prophetic” paintings by Argentinian Benjamin Solari Parravicini, claims the artist managed to predict the blaze in Paris cathedral.