23:50 GMT25 July 2021
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    Laying another of his baseless theories, Waring alleged that “volcanos worldwide have been linked to UFO sightings.”

    A strange beam of light spotted over Mount Merapi volcano in Indonesia in May apparently caused some to suspect a possible UFO conspiracy, with blogger Scott C. Waring making a bold claim about the phenomenon.

    The spectacle in question was caught on film by photographer Gunarto Song who uploaded the photo on 28 May on Instagram alongside a caption that suggested it may have been a meteor.

    However, Waring – who is no stranger to making outlandish claims – claimed that the picture shows a small, fast-moving object.

    Arguing that the object was actually a UFO, Waring further insisted that "volcanos worldwide have been linked to UFO sightings and more and more photos and video are recording such events everyday."

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    "For UFOs to enter and exit a mouth of a volcano, it must be leading them to and from somewhere significant," he speculated. "This is why I believe that aliens use mouth of volcanos, because few humans ever go there and there is less chance of being seen."

    "An alien base 5-6 km below the surface of the mountain makes a lot of sense," Waring added. "This is 100 percent proof of that fact."

    However, according to Coconuts Media, Indonesia's space agency – the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space – suspected that the phenomenon spotted by Song was likely a meteor, as there were apparently two active meteor showers in May.

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