07:02 GMT30 July 2021
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    Nature sometimes surprises people in bad ways with truly bizarre and terrifying creatures. In some cases, humans can help them survive, but often, the poor beasts are unable to live.

    A hideous piglet that looked like an elephant has frightened farmers in the Philippine countryside. The creature was born with two eyes in one socket and a strange limb growing from its forehead that looked like a kind of trunk, the Daily Star reported.

    Farmers managed to take a short video and then called the vet, but it passed away before medics could arrive and help the little creature.

    "The farmer who asked for help was confused and afraid that the other piglets could be sick so they called us... We tried to revive the piglet because it could help us with research but it was unfortunately dead when we arrived. We checked the other piglets but they were all fine as well as the mother", Livestock technician James Embate, who went to check on the strange animal, said.

    The piglet was then buried in the backyard, while its siblings were given supplements in order to avoid the risk of African swine fever.

    This is not the first time a mutant piglet baffles people - previously, little pigs with similar "trunks" have been born in Thailand and Brazil.

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