23:34 GMT03 August 2021
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    Social media has erupted with all sorts of reactions, as the man flying on a hoverboard reminded them of a supervillain from the Marvel universe.

    A video has gone viral on social media that shows a man flying on a hoverboard over New York’s Times Square.

    The footage shows a man, later revealed to be YouTuber Hunter Kowald, dressed in a uniform standing on a flying platform that moves along the street.

    ​According to some social media users, the helmet that was on the glider resembles the helmet of the villain Loki from the Marvel universe. At the same time, the method of movement reminded many of the Green Goblin, Spider-Man's foe, since he also flew on a similar device in New York.

    Some netizens wondered where Spiderman was if it was indeed Green Goblin flying there.

    ​Some media outlets point out that the flight over Times Square was not a marketing ploy to promote the upcoming movie, but most likely a demonstration of a product that will soon be available for purchase.

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