21:20 GMT30 July 2021
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    Everybody knows that even the smallest canines can make for feisty opponents and however diminutive the dog, those teeth are still pretty sharp and can quickly remind you that you're dealing with the proud descendants of wild beasts. Of course, wolves remain intimidating, even if they are well-behaved and seem friendly in general.

    A pack of wolves was spotted chasing actors and running around only metres away from the audience during a performance of "The Legend of the Camel Bell" in the Chinese city of Xi'an. The play is about an expedition along the Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty which existed between AD618 and AD907. A video shared on Chinese blogging site Weibo shows the animals, which participate in a fight scene, pursuing a group of actors and even running into the areas which separate the stage from the spectators.

    According to reports from Huaxia Cultural Tourism, which has organised the event, the situation was under control and there was a net protecting the audience from any attack and the actors were wearing protective clothing.

    "The wolves have been domesticated for three to four generations," the representative said. "They are raised and have been trained since 2018 by professional trainers who are fully qualified. There has been no accident in the past three years."
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