01:18 GMT04 August 2021
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    Describing this new discovery in his blog, Waring says the UFO has a “very rare shape."

    A strange-looking flying object was caught on camera hovering above east London last month.

    Sharing the incident on his blog and YouTube channel, UFO hunter extraordinaire Scott C. Waring described the UFO as "cocoon shaped."

    "The object has a bronze tint to it, and I can see a black eye like window on one end, possible the pilots cockpit. The shape is more like an insect cocoon than anything else," he wrote. "Very rare shape of UFO and being seen in broad daylight makes is very exciting."

    The original uploader of the video, a YouTuber using the handle "Orion," didn't provide any additional details, only mentioning that the object was apparently seen "hovering over Lea Bridge London."

    One Netizen joked that the UFO looks like "Tesla’s new flying car," while another said it appears as if someone decided to "fit antigravity technology to a potato."

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