01:12 GMT04 August 2021
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    While some social media users compared the shape seen in the image to a fictional spacecraft, there were also those who offered more mundane explanations.

    A peculiar-looking object spotted on Google Earth has caught the attention of a number of social media users.

    The phenomenon in question is apparently located "in the vicinity of the Death Valley National Park, California," as Twitter user @crypto_spawn noted, next to what looks like an indentation in the ground measuring "approximately 340 [feet] long."

    "Landing indentation from a large craft?" the netizen wondered aloud, arguing that the measurements seem to correspond closely with the black shape located next to it.

    ​The social media users also drew attention to several other objects located near the object, such as "several tanks that appear to be guarding the area," and what seem to be the remains of a crashed plane a few miles away.

    "Did someone get too close and get shot down?" @crypto_spawn inquired.

    ​While some netizens jokingly compared the shape seen in the image to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, there were also those who offered more mundane, down-to-earth explanations, with one person suggesting that it could be a “training pool for beach launch/landing of amphibious tanks and craft."

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