11:15 GMT30 July 2021
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    The host of one the most popular podcasts in the world has recently entered the media spotlight after suggesting that young and healthy people should not get vaccinated against COVID-19. The remark prompted widespread criticism from scientists, who said that everyone over 16 should get a jab in order to stop the spread of the disease.

    A man spent more than $17,000 to write a marriage proposal in the sky and diss famous TV and podcast host Joe Rogan, The Wrap has reported. According to the outlet, earlier this week people in Los Angeles noticed several messages written in the sky. First residents of LA saw: "Will you marry me Mollie Pratt?"

    ​Then after the girl apparently agreed, the following messages appeared in the sky: "She said yes! I love you more than anything. Excited to spend my life with you. Until death do us part".

    ​These messages alone would be enough to become one of the most original marriage proposals, but the lucky bridegroom decided that something was missing…

    "One more thing ... Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3", read the last message.

    ​According to The Wrap, which cited the company Sky Typers, the man paid $17,500 for ten messages total.

    It appears social media users did not appreciate the man's sense of humour…

    ​Even critics of Rogan criticised the lovestruck man.

    ​Others deemed that Rogan was much taller.

    ​Many netizens imagined how the podcast host would react to the news.

    Yet others said the person should have used skywritten messages to speak about more important issues.

    ​Some drew attention to the pilot misspelling the word literally, missing the R.

    ​One user posted a picture showing that the pilot fixed the mistake.

    ​This is not the first time that people have made fun of Rogan's height. In 2015, someone edited a page on Wikipedia, claiming he was 5 feet. Later Rogan, who has 7.3 million followers on Twitter and 12.7 on Instagram, wrote that his height is 5'8.

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