12:22 GMT22 June 2021
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    The former US president is what can be described as a really colorful character - from the hairstyle and skin tone to his vocabulary and hand gestures that actors and comedians deliberately try to imitate, but this ice cream seller seems to be a born impersonator, as he does it effortlessly.

    A Pakistani ice cream vendor has been called Donald Trump's "doppelganger" due to his striking resemblance to the former president.

    The albino man, who is reportedly in his mid-40s, was seen selling ice cream on the streets of Sahiwal, Punjab. And, according to the Daily Mail, some people have made parallels with Trump, and a video of him singing an Urdu song while serving ice cream has gone viral.

    In the video, the man sings his ingredients, as a unique technique to entice residents to his cart.

    According to the report, many bystanders were pleased to hear the man singing, suggesting the man "should have been rocking the stage rather than selling ice cream."

    Specifically, the ice cream vendor's looks and small but noticeable hand gesture details closely resemble Trump's mannerisms and speech habits. 

    According to Columbia University's research, when speaking publicly, Trump employs gestures and "body language to effectively convey his message, emotions and influence other people’s emotions."

    And, according to the research, by using unique body gestures of staying in place, and using upper-body gestures and expressions to make his point, like his often-used OK hand gesture, combined with his L-fingers gesture and open palms with arms out to the sides, Trump has made himself memorable and accessible even when he is not talking. 

    Or maybe it is just that Trump is a New Yorker, and residents of the Big Apple often use a lot of gestures when talking.


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