03:15 GMT20 June 2021
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    Elon Musk took central stage on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, as his fans and Dogecoin holders turned their heads to the screens, anticipating some bizarre comedy and potentially market-moving events. They have not been disappointed.

    SpaceX founder Elon Musk revealed on Saturday that he is “the first person” with Asperger syndrome to host Saturday Night Live – “or at least the first person to admit it”, he quipped.

    During the hour-long episode, the eccentric entrepreneur tried on a variety of characters, including a Tesla-promoting cowboy, a soap opera doctor and Mario’s arch-rival Wario from the Nintendo series (whom Musk joked was “not evil, just misunderstood”).

    To the Twitter crowd, some of Musk’s appearances have turned out to be memorable than the others, according to a flow of memes that have quickly followed his SNL appearance.

    But if appreciation for the Tesla CEO was on the rise among the show’s viewers, his long-advertised Dogecoin has followed a different trajectory. The Ibu-cryptocurrency lost big on Saturday, as the ‘Dogefather’ joked that it was just a “hustle.”

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