20:21 GMT20 June 2021
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    Be it the Ever Green blockade of the Suez Canal or the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, social media users can turn practically any kind of event, however dangerous its consequences may be, into a meme. Now that the giant Chinese rocket body is set to fall down on Earth, the internet of course jokes about it.

    As the CZ-5B rocket's debries continue to speed high above Earth and scientists struggle to calculate its possible landing path, social media users have not wasted time to use the occasion to grin and joke, incorporating the rocket's stage  into fresh memes, creating new ones or just contemplating life.

    Various maps tracking the rocket's core stage have appeared to become a kind of reality show for netizens, who carefully follow the trajectory of the CZ-5B debris in order to see whether or not it affects their neighbourhoods.

    As some of the latest calculations have narrowed the "risk" territories to Spain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand, users continue to fear that the rocket fall even in places it is not predicted to land.

    ​​Some giggle and roll out "weather forecasts" with the chance of rockets falling from the sky. Well, they are not entirely wrong...

    ​Others felt less like creating weather forecasts and more like sticking to depressive jokes.

    ​There were also people who tried to imagine how those responsible for the fall of the rocket will feel.

    ​And some offered ways to protect everyone from the rocket debris.

    ​Set to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere in the next few hours on 9 May, the rocket is stealing the show online after being used for delivering a section of a Chinese orbital station Tiangong (“Heavenly Palace”) into near-Earth orbit.


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