04:45 GMT15 May 2021
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    The notorious spy agency's apparent attempt to appeal to a progressive audience did not go over well with some netizens, who pointed at inconsistencies in the CIA's message and ridiculed its "woke" style.

    The Central Intelligence Agency's release of a new recruitment video featuring a Hispanic female agent and focusing heavily on the CIA's inclusive hiring policies has sparked disapproval among numerous social media users.

    The ad told the story of a CIA agent named Mija, who boasted of having earned her place in the ranks of the CIA despite suffering from "imposter syndrome" and "generalised anxiety disorder". She also boasted of achieving this by "unapologetically" being herself – an "intersectional" and "cisgender millennial", who refused to "internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be".

    The CIA's new approach to advertising was not warmly received by some netizens, who mocked the agency's attempt to appeal to the progressively-minded part of the population, colloquially called "woke" online.

    Others noted various inconsistencies in the message voiced by Mija.

    One social media user pointed out that she focuses more on her "pride" in herself than the work she is doing for the agency, presumably saving the lives of fellow Americans. Another pointed at the fact that in one version of the video, the footage demonstrates Mija's awards for "diversity and inclusion" rather than for professional feats, which she claims helped her earn a spot in the CIA.

    Some netizens chose to mock the agency for the choice of words in the ad, suggesting that the CIA was "unapologetic" in quite a different meaning than what Mija meant.

    Several twitterians, in turn, fantasised about how a new "woke" spin on the spy agency might affect its alleged routine practices, namely "enhanced interrogation techniques" – the CIA's post-9/11 jargon for torture.

    The new CIA ad also gave birth (or rather second wind) to a conspiracy theory about the establishment being responsible for the introduction of the "woke" rhetoric in society in the first place (apparently only to utilise it for the recruitment of "progressives" later).

    There were also those, however, who defended the CIA's focus on hiring people with a diverse background. Meanwhile, others joked that some people would be mad at the spy agency no matter what words it uses in its ads.


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