12:20 GMT12 May 2021
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    The former prime minister's dashing "lockdown hair" quickly rose to the top of Twitter's trending topics, with users comparing him to other personalities and characters such as LOTR's Gollum, Doc Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future movie franchise and 70s rock band members.

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair stunned his new interview viewers by flaunting his "creepy" long grey lockdown hair, as it apparently was the only attention grabber.

    Blair was speaking to Paul Brand of ITV about devolution and the possibility of a Scottish independence referendum.

    However, the reaction to the interview on social media was dominated by his startling image

    The 67-year-old former Labour leader has instantly been compared to the possessed Vigo painting from Ghostbusters, as well as a slew of other fictional characters such as 1960s Doctor Who and the Night King from Game of Thrones.

    Some social media users noted the remarkable similarity of the former prime minister's hairstyle with the haircut of another very popular person on the Internet, Nicolas Cage.

    ​While most users argued that men in their considerable age should not wear their hair long, with the exception of Gandalf from the same Lord of the Rings, others recalled much more successful examples of long hair on older men... or noted the similarity.

    ​With barbers and hairdressers forced to close due to the pandemic, such uncut lockdown hairstyles became a social media trend over the last year. Some, like Blair, grew their hair and beards out, while others enlisted the help of family members for a do-it-yourself haircut.

    When salons reopened on April 12 in UK, however, most citizens hurried to get their hair cut by a specialist. Blair, on the other hand, seemed to have opted to keep his lockdown look for a little longer, while ITV's Paul Brand reassured the Twitterati by saying Blair had told him he was "looking forward to a haircut."

    ​And yet, some men's fashion connoisseurs have also been quick to disprove media headlines and claims by other users that Blair's hairstyle resembles the infamous 1980s mullet.

    Others defended his current hairstyle altogether, comparing it with the future prime minister's preferred look in the 1970s.

    ​Well, after all, the former prime minister of the UK might resemble Twin Peaks' possessing spirit, Bob, in some way.


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