14:35 GMT18 May 2021
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    Much of the netizens’ amusement apparently stems from the fact that the word “chimpo” is a slang for a particular part of the male anatomy in Japan.

    As Prince Harry has now become the Chief Impact Officer at the mental health services startup BetterUp, quite a few social media users appeared amused by the Duke of Sussex’s new job title.

    While the acronym for Chief Impact Officer, "CHIMPO", has apparently caused a number of English-speaking netizens to crack a smile simply because of how it sounds, there also seemed to be no shortage of Japanese-speaking social media users eager to explain that the word in question is slang for "penis" in Japan.

    According to SoraNews24, some jokingly branded Harry as "Chief Pole Officer" and "a Royal C*ck", while one netizen wondered aloud about what would happen if the royal were to arrive in Japan and introduce himself as a "chimpo" to the officials.

    Prince Harry announced his employment at BetterUp last month, with the royal apparently being expected not to actually manage a team, but rather to boost the venture’s popularity.

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