15:59 GMT12 May 2021
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    As Grimes presented the apparently fresh tattoo to her social media audience, a number of netizens appeared to appreciate the sight.

    Claire Elise Boucher, the Canadian singer known professionally as Grimes and Elon Musk’s girlfriend, has recently unveiled a new addition to her look, in the form of a tattoo covering her whole back.

    Demonstrating the tattoo on her Instagram account, Grimes complained about the quality of the picture, saying that she doesn’t have a better image because "it hurts too much" and because she needs "to sleep."

    Having remarked how her "white ink" job is going to be "red" for a few weeks, the singer went on to brand this tattoo as "beautiful alien scars".

    Grimes’ stunt has elicited a positive response from her social media audience, with a number of netizens voicing their appreciation.

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    Last month, the singer made a bold Instagram statement of a different sort, declaring her readiness to "die with the red dirt of Mars" beneath her feet.

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