06:35 GMT19 April 2021
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    The blogger argues that the flying object likely is not a plane or a meteor, judging by its appearance and behaviour.

    Prolific blogger and UFO hunter extraordinaire Scott C. Waring, who previously made claims about an alleged UFO spotted in historic WWII footage, has made yet another extraterrestrial-related discovery – or so he says.

    Presenting footage (the veracity of which can not be immediately confirmed) apparently recorded by a live cam below Popocetepetl Volcano in Mexico, the blogger points to a strange shape that suddenly appears above the mountain and streaks across the sky, only to vanish before it reaches the edge of the picture. 

    The flying object, Waring argues, is "clearly very large" and "very long", and does not appear to be a meteor or a plane.

    "What I believe happened is that this UFO suddenly teleported out of the alien base below the volcano and materialised above the volcano and began moving," he wrote in his blog. "However the UFO opens up a doorway (wormhole) and enters it quickly vanishing. Awesome it was all caught on video."
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