08:14 GMT11 April 2021
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    Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson - who has just unveiled a follow-up to his bestseller book ’12 Rules for Life’ - previously called the SpaceX founder an “amazing person” who has done “five impossible things”.

    University professor and public speaker Joran Peterson has invited Tesla CEO Elon Musk to his podcast, prompting a rapid response from the legendary car manufacturer and space enthusiast.

    After sending a genuine “I would like to have you as a guest on my YouTube channel” message on Twitter, Peterson got a quick reply from Musk that has been visible to all the platform’s users: “What would you like to talk about?”

    As netizens started to propose their own topics for the public talk between the two curious minds, the entrepreneur made his own suggestion about what the main point of their conversation could be:

    “We could talk about Life, the Universe and Everything,” the SpaceX chief designer wrote replying to one of the users, possibly referring to Douglas Adams’ sci-fi novel.

    Did Musk and Peterson then continue their conversation in private? It’s unclear but users moved on to share their excitement with the purported talk.

    Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, who landed in the spotlight in 2016 after criticising Canadian legislation mandating the use of gender-neutral pronouns against people with non-binary identity, previously hosted a number of well-known names on his channel after returning to work following his bout with akathisia caused by a benzodiazepine dependency.

    In March, the professor unveiled a new work “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life” - a follow-up to the similarly-named bestseller, that is already ranking top among Amazon’s most-read books of recent weeks.

    Peterson has always been a strong appreciator of Elon Musk’s initiatives – he previously branded the Tesla entrepreneur “amazing” and said that it was “hard to believe he exists” over the man’s electronic inventions and space overtures.

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