12:47 GMT19 April 2021
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    Former president Donald Trump claimed his rival Joe Biden only won last year's election with the mail-in votes of long-dead citizens. Now the 78-year-old White House occupant has demonstarted supernatural powers to phase effortlessly through reporters' microphones.

    Is US President Joe Biden really a ghost? New video evidence could hold the proof!

    The 78-year-old appeared to mysteriously waft his hands through a cluster of four reporters' microphones on Wednesday as he told them he would not be travelling to the Mexican border to witness the migrant crisis his policies have created there.

    Conservative pundit Nicholas Fuentes pointed out the obviously-doctored footage, where extra microphones were matted on seemingly to make it look like more journalists were present. 

    The camera pans left as Biden wanders back towards the Marine One presidential chopper he had just got off, then back to the right to reveal lust two, obviously different mics where he was just standing. White House press secretary Jen Psaki is seen lurking in the background.

    The fake didn't escape the eye of language expert Jesús Rojas either.

    Biden has gone almost two months without holding a formal press conference, with some critics saying his "handlers" are afraid he will make more of the gaffes that defined his presidential campaign

    Other Twitter users where astounded by Biden's apparent paranormal abilities.

    ​One loyal Bidenite tried to explain away the obvious fake. 

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