10:57 GMT26 February 2021
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    The “volcano-like” formation apparently resides on top of a hot spring that shoots water upwards, only for the liquid to freeze in the air and fall down.

    A peculiar 45-foot tall tower-like icy structure that sprays water up in the air, somewhat akin to an erupting volcano, has emerged in the vicinity of the town of Kegen in Kazakhstan.

    According to Business Insider, this so called "ice volcano" is a product of a hot spring that resides below, as the water that gets expelled upward ends up freezing and falling down, thus forming this hollow mound.

    This phenomenon gained quite a bit of attention online, with photos of it surfacing on social media.

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    As Live Science points out, the term "ice volcano" is usually awarded to similar structures that may form in freezing temperatures around the edges of large bodies of water, "when waves create enough pressure to crack the surface ice along a coastline and force a spurt of water out, which then freezes to create a cone".

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