09:45 GMT27 February 2021
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    The UFO was reportedly seen only for a brief period of time, vanishing into thin air shortly after being photographed by a bystander.

    A new suspected UFO encounter has been reported in the skies of Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

    The eyewitness who managed to snap the UFO was heading south on the 101 Freeway, “just outside of Thousand Oaks." The object was spotted “hovering in the sky, flying in the same direction she was heading...with a group of lights trailing behind it."

    While the flying object was allegedly visible briefly before vanishing into thin air shortly after being photographed, the media outlet points out, citing their “own photoshop wiz,” that the pictures do not appear to be doctored.

    TMZ also observed that it looked like something straight out of "Independence Day" or "Close Encounters," quipping that if it was indeed a UFO sighting, Hollywood “had it right all along."

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