04:25 GMT17 January 2021
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    Earlier this week, in light of the role US President Donald Trump played in inciting the Capitol riots, several social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook blocked the president from accessing his accounts for violating company policies.

    Moments after social media giant Twitter announced late Friday that Trump’s personal account would remain permanently suspended, thousands of netizens were shook and left rejoicing the development.

    One user remarked that the development was “like the Berlin Wall coming down, but for stupidity,” whereas another netizen, journalist David Begnaud, highlighted how Trump “still has the nuclear codes but no longer has a Twitter account … because of his behavior.”

    However, others opted to look on the somewhat brighter side, explaining that the Twitter ban could prompt Trump to shuffle over to the microblogging, free speech-focused site Parler.

    It’s worth noting that Parler is having some issues of its own, as Apple has threatened to ban the network for “failing to moderate incitements to violence and illegal activity,” according to the Wall Street Journal

    Both Google and Apple have been facing pressure to deplatform the network, with Apple reportedly giving Parler 24 hours to moderate its content or face expulsion from the iPhone maker’s App Store. Google announced that it would be removing the app from its store until Parler moderates its platform.

    Others, however, have noted that Trump still has the ability to rely on the good ol’ system of White House news releases, which presidents have historically tapped to release information, as CNN political correspondent Abby Philip noted online.

    There was also an ironical suggestion from a Daily Wire reporter that the president might rely on the national alert system to reach out to every American.

    Twitter explained that the ban was imposed out of fear that Trump could use the platform to incite his nearly 90 million followers to commit additional acts of violence in the wake of the events that unfolded on Wednesday at the US Capitol. 

    Others are apparently going to miss some "iconic" moments with Trump on Twitter.

    The company’s first actions following the insurrection came in the form of a 12-hour ban of Trump on Wednesday. Both Facebook and Instagram took similar steps by imposing an indefinite ban on Trump’s accounts until at least Inauguration Day.

    Trump's senior aide, Donald Trump Jr., slammed Twitter's move as a representation of Orwell’s 1984 that “we are living”, adding that “big tech” is pursuing double standards in who they choose to censor.

    Trump Jr. echoed concerns of other social media users fearing that if tech giants are free to suspend accounts of high-ranking officials, including the president himself, they can actually control to a large extent what is being said on the Internet.

    Ex-secretary of state Hillary Clinton also reacted to the news, apparently glad that her rival in the 2016 election was suspended, as she retweeted her post of that year, in which she urged Trump to delete his Twitter account.

    Tensions between Trump and the social media giants have remained high for several months as the president’s posts were repeatedly either flagged or removed for violating company policies and spreading false claims about the US election. In fact, over the last month, Trump kicked up efforts to remove legal protections afforded to Twitter and Facebook under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to no avail.

    At present, the official @POTUS Twitter account is still active, but it’s unclear whether Trump will shift to using the account for his remaining 12 days in office. The account is not typically used by the president, and only shares official statements released by his office.


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