15:02 GMT18 January 2021
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    While most US streets are covered with snow, this Kentucky man decided to solve the problem of snowy roads with a little help of creativity. And a flamethrower.

    The video, obtained by Reuters, shows Kentucky resident Timothy Browning using a flamethrower to melt the icy driveway near his house in Ashland. In the footage, Browning is wearing slippers, socks, a white bathrobe, and a hat – a look that resembles cousin Eddie from the holiday comedy film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.

    While wielding a flamethrower, the man can be seen chugging a beer and smoking a cigar.

    “I thought it'd be funny for a video and wanted to clear off the under layer of ice on the driveway,” Browning told Reuters via Facebook.

    Another video, taken from the house across the street, emerged on social media. “‘Merica,” its caption reads.

    ​The man triggered a lot of lulz on social media (no surprise), with many Twitter users noticing he looks like Cousin Eddie from "Christmas Vacation". Other users wondered how he managed to get a flamethrower, but someone responded Americans, except in California and Maryland, are "luckily" able to buy one, though the price can be rather expensive.

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