03:42 GMT28 January 2021
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    December is usually the time when people sum up their highlights of the year. Now, thanks to a new AI, they can know all about their bad choices – at least when it comes to their music picks.

    A new AI project “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” by The Pudding roasts users after analyzing their history on the streaming service – letting them know how imperfect their preferences in music are.  

    After requesting access to a user’s Spotify, the app asks you a series of somewhat mocking questions, such as if you ‘really’ listened to a particular track, or whether or not you have been listening to it ironically. Then the bot makes a brief summary of your poor (it surely thinks so) choices, adding the percentage of your ‘basicness’.

    Some netizens took to Twitter to share their results and say how embarrassed they were – and judging by their posts, some of them surprisingly liked being roasted.

    Although the bot may seem to be ‘personally' attacking users, its criticisms are really quite general and repeat from user to user.

    The “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” project was likely a response to Spotify Wrapped's year-end report, which allows users to reflect on their most listened to music as the year comes to a close.

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