04:55 GMT22 January 2021
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    Ex-Disney star-turned singer Bella Thorne had a deeply public love story with YouTuber Tana Mongeau in the past, but things between the two apparently have not gone according to plan.

    Sparks flew on Twitter over the weekend as former teen actress Bella Thorne, who has recently unleashed her ‘Stupid F**king B***h’ track, has posted a series of cryptic posts with #SFB hashtag suggesting that someone was willing literally to be her – and her ex Tana Mongeau took things too personally.

    “When she tries so hard to be relevant she won’t stop bringing up your name for attention....... girl”, Thorne wrote in a post that was soon shared by Mongeau who responded to an apparent insult by starting comparing her Twitter engagements with the one enjoyed by her former lover.

    “749 favorites in a day and my last tweets have more and ur worried about my relevancy?”, the YouTuber responded.

    It was apparent for Mongeau that Thorne was talking about her – something that had left the YouTuber “bazoinked” she said.

    The influencer then laid her cards down on the table by claiming that she was an inspiration to her ex-lover’s newly released song.

    “imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called stupid f***ing b***h and also being bella thorne smfh [sic]”, Mongeau suggested, continuing her rant.

    At one point she even moved to cite comments from former porn actress Mia Khalifa to slam Thorne’s recent OnlyFans bid which proved to be rather controversial. Not only was the former Disney star accused of compromising the adult entertainment industry by offering $200 nudes for sale that were not there, but also later claimed that she was the “first” one to join the four-year-old site with others following the suit.

    This seemed too much for Mongeau to bear, who replied to her follower’s suggestion to challenge Thorne to a “boxing match”.

    But according to Twitter feeds of both girls – fans were really enjoying all the drama.

    Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau are said to have been engaged in a relationship from 2017 until February 2019. Mongeau’s debut single “Hefner”, that was released in November 2017 and has earned more than 18 million views on YouTube, featured Thorne in quite an intimate and highly sexualised setting.

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