02:14 GMT22 January 2021
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    In case anyone needs another crazy and bizarre thing to add to the 2020 bingo, perhaps a fresh burger recipe including Oreo cookies combined with cooked canned pork will bring an extravagant spin to the list of things that 2020 surprised us with.

    McDonalds China on Saturday introduced a new limited Oreo x SPAM burger, with 400,000 of the processed food items said to be produced and sold beginning with 21 December.

    The announcement was immediately dubbed on Twitter as "a declaration of war on China by the US", as McDonalds is an American company and users observed that the combination of ground canned pork and sugary chocolate cookie could only be offered to someone you really hate.

    The Chinese branch of the US-based McDonalds multinational corporation made the announcement on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, but the news quickly spread, with netizens splitting into two types: the ones who were eager to try the burger and the ones who felt nothing but disgust for the extravagant delicacy.

    ​"Some of y’all saying “Why would China do this” seem to have forgotten that McDonald’s is an American company", user Daniel Ahmad tweeted. "If anything this is a declaration of war on China by the US."

    As the Weibo account garnered hateful comments toward the new food product, Twitterati kept pace.

    ​Some suggested that, be it a "war" on Beijing or not, the People's Republic of China is winning when it comes to weird foods.

    ​Some argued that this is not the most sophisticated edible food product one could imagine, offering examples from other fast food giants and suggesting ways to improve the edible offering.

    ​Some users have declared the food piece "the official burger of 2020". It has indeed been a bizarre year.


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