03:52 GMT28 January 2021
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    Like in any divorce, no one had expected that the UK’s departure from the European Union would be quick and painless. But few had probably known back in 2016 that the two partners would continue negotiating the terms of their break up almost five years later – and still with no visible solution on the horizon.

    On Sunday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that London and Brussels have missed the self-imposed deadline to come to the final post-Brexit agreement as the transition period is set to expire in less than three weeks.

    With some common property and custody over kids to share, the EU-UK divorce has been a far from pleasant show to watch. The story would be deeply sad if it weren’t for social media users who have always been there to mock happy and sad moments of this political drama with a bunch of memes throughout the premierships of David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.   

    Thanks to them, the UK-EU last-minute attempts to reach the Brexit deal still remain funny - even when looking seemingly hopeless.

    Here are just some of the most hilarious memes on the topic for you to laugh at (through tears):

    The recently raised disagreements over fishing quotas, NHS funding, common governance and issues related to “level playing field” conditions, as well as Boris Johnson’s promises to conclude an “Australia-style” trade deal with the EU, have seen some especially high-level mockery in the past few months.

    It would be unfair to say though that the present stalemate can be entirely blamed on the Johnson cabinet by the online crowd, as both Theresa May and David Cameron have had a special place in the heart of meme creators since 2016.

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