16:14 GMT26 January 2021
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    The billionaire apparently hinted at the existence of extraterrestrial life out there but, unfortunately, did not provide any clarification, leaving netizens to guess what exactly he was referring to.

    SpaceX owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again made a fuss on social media by sharing a decrypted "alien message" on Twitter.

    "Song, and thanks for the orifice!", Musk said in a Tuesday tweet, though he did not elaborate on what he meant with the last word.

    Without much clarification, Twitter users were left puzzling about what Musk was hinting at, with most of them sharing memes and jokes about the alleged existence of aliens and what their possible reaction to Musk's tweet would be. Someone even jokingly asked if the billionaire was expanding his Tesla production to suit the aliens' taste.

    Though the two things might not be connected, but the tweet came just a day after Haim Eshed, ex-head of Israeli space security programme, claimed that extraterrestrials exist, but "humankind is not prepared".

    This is not the first time the Tesla CEO has brought up this controversial topic, as in August, he tweeted, "Aliens built the pyramids obv", though it was not clear if he meant it seriously or was just joking. Back in 2015, Musk wondered why humanity sees no sign of aliens.

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