22:56 GMT01 March 2021
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    Mocking signs have emerged in the Big Apple as rumours started making the rounds that Ms Trump would prefer to shun the social elite of her former home city and try to move somewhere else.

    Posters featuring the words "Not Wanted" and an image of Ivanka Trump have appeared across Manhattan, suggesting the first daughter is no longer welcome in New York after her father leaves the White House.

    The Wild West-like signs were set up by the Good Liars comedy duo of Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler and mock Ms Trump's being "dead behind eyes", her "fake posh accent", and marriage to "Slenderman" – a reference to a mythological monster.

    Someone said on Twitter similar posters for Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner had likewise arrived in the city, taking him to task for being in charge of the lives of millions during the pandemic while having "no medical or government experience":

    The public, meanwhile, doesn't appear to be surprised, as follows from a torrent of Twitter reactions under the Good Liars' online announcement, with one thundering that New Yorkers "are never subtle" about such matters.

    …one user even cheekily suggested another word for a pejorative "karen" used to describe overly demanding, entitled women, "ivankas":

    … while others attempted to come up with a state or states that might "take in" Ivanka and her husband/presidential adviser Jared Kushner – "Texas perhaps", someone dropped:

    "Where will Frog Lips land?", another weighed in on the rant.

    The Trump-Kushner family are reportedly already full-on mulling settling in a place away from New York City – either New Jersey or Florida among other options.

    Ivanka's former friend suggested to Vanity Fair on the condition of anonymity that the current senior White House aide, who quit her fashion retail business after being tapped for the post in 2017, would likely be an outcast from the Big Apple's social elite if she made an attempt to go back to the city.

    "Everyone with self-respect, a career, morals, respect for democracy — or who doesn't want their friends to shame them both in private and public — will steer clear", the person was cited as said.

    Another ex-childhood friend, journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom, wrote in a Vanity Fair article that Ivanka had spent her career scrambling to embody "a more polished and intellectual offshoot of the Trump brand".

    Her objective, Ohrstrom writes, was to serve as an inspirational example of a "woman who works" to middle-class housewives.

    The journalist remembers how people marvelled at how the young Ivanka had turned out to be so unlike her parents - "polite, refined, and fun to be around", adding though that she couldn't comprehend how the president's eldest daughter supported her father's "most regressive, racist tendencies".

    Another jab at the outgoing administration came from an article in The New York Times last week suggesting that authorities are currently investigating whether POTUS Trump could have claimed a deduction for his daughter Ivanka in a bid to reduce his taxable income. Ms Trump fumed over the matter referring to the "inquiry" as "harassment pure and simple", and going on to note that this "fishing expedition is very clearly part of a continued political vendetta".


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