23:10 GMT28 November 2020
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    Even as some social media users suggested that the discovery in question might be some kind of a bomb shelter, at least one person offered a much less extravagant explanation.

    The frozen desolate expanse of Antarctica has once again become the focus of attention of a number of social media users after a YouTuber with a penchant for dabbling in conspiracy theories spotted a peculiar feature while browsing Google Earth images of that part of the globe.

    Having discovered it after checking out a set of coordinates sent by a fan, the host of the YouTube channel MrMBB333 described the find as a vent: "some sort of thermal vent, possibly, that goes underground", about 150-feet wide.

    The YouTuber also went on to suggest that a certain part of the feature he spotted looked like a "dome" covering the "vent" in question, made of some kind of alloy.

    "And there's no obvious volcano here", he added, commenting on the feature's surroundings. "That's the thing, this is kinda here by itself."

    The YouTuber's revelations left a number of netizens openly wondering about what he might've discovered, with some rather peculiar suggestions being floated around.

    "Zero surprise there to me. Of course they are hiding underground stuff in Antarctica," one of them remarked.

    "That iron dome looks like a bomb shelter," suggested another. "We had them in our yards when I lived in Taiwan when my Dad was in the Army in the 60's".

    There were also those, however, who argued that it was merely a natural formation, with one person naming "smooth lava" as a likely culprit.

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