17:56 GMT28 November 2020
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    This year Kenneth Copeland found himself in hot water following statements on the coronavirus outbreak. The 83-year-old claimed he could cure the disease, which he described as a weak of strain of the flu, asking COVID-19 patients to touch the television set during his programme.

    Famous televangelist Kenneth Copeland has caused a stir on social media with his latest Sunday service . The 83-year-old couldn't contain his emotions when speaking about the presidential election in the United States, in particular about Joe Biden's projected victory and reports by mainstream media, declaring the Democrat president-elect.

    "The media said what?", sneered the televangelist, who is a supporter of President Donald Trump, before bursting into laughter, which lasted for almost 40 seconds.

    ​Copeland frequently finds himself in hot water. The 83-year-old is criticised by many Christians for teaching the prosperity gospel, which says people who strongly believe in God and make donations to churches will be rewarded with good health and wealth.

    Many social media users expressed concern over the evangelist's mental health after watching the video, while others called him a conman.

    ​Yet other netizens pointed out that Copeland's statements had made him one of the richest televangelists in the world and lambasted those who teach the prosperity gospel.

    ​Many users believed that the 83-year-old was possessed by demons.

    ​One user even claimed that Copeland is the embodiment of the antichrist.

    ​Copeland and his organisation Kenneth Copeland Ministries have been accused of leading a lavish lifestyle. In 2018, he purchased a multimillion-dollar Gulfstream jet. When a reporter asked him about the price he said "that's really none of your business". Copeland Ministries is said to own at least five planes.

    This year, the televangelist raised eyebrows in the United States after he claimed he could cure the coronavirus, which he said was brought to the United States by Trump's critics. In another television sermon Copeland claimed to have destroyed the disease with the "wind of God".


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