11:19 GMT29 November 2020
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    The game's protagonist is a "young time traveller" who is afforded an opportunity to try to show the famous Soviet leader "some passion in bed".

    A bizarre video game that offers players a chance to get really intimate with probably one of the most famous and controversial figures in Russian history, Joseph Stalin, has recently been released on video game digital distribution service Steam.

    Made by an indie game developer called "Boobs Dev", the game casts its protagonist as a "young time traveller" who gets an opportunity to interact with Stalin, with options ranging from engaging in conversation with him to partaking in a variety of (potentially lewd) activities together.

    "Speak with Joseph, reveal his most hidden secrets, give him advice, and help the vozhd [leader] come to world domination! Or... show that mustache guy what real love is!" reads the game's description on Steam.

    Contents feature "violence, nudity, rude speech, sexual content and blood", with players being allowed to "try to stop the tyrant" or perhaps "to seduce Stalin, and then show him some passion in bed".

    The game had already been criticised by several Russian left-wing politicians, with Olga Alimova, lawmaker from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, branding the game's concept as an “abomination” and suggesting that its developer needs to be medically assessed.

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