05:55 GMT04 December 2020
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    The Black Lives Matter protests, inspired by the death of African-American George Floyd while in police custody back in May, have prompted a whole witch-hunt against old movies, shows, monuments and art pieces that could be suspected of featuring motives of racial injustice. Apparently, this has worked only one way.

    An “art” piece featuring two nearly naked African-American women holding chopped off heads of white people has provoked shockwaves on the internet, after the image was shared by “supportblackart” Instagram page.

    The graphic, that was produced by an artist named “sugarygarbage” with the title “No Place I’d Rather Be Than Here With You”, has received more than 13,000 likes after being published several days ago.

    However, many art-lovers, even those subscribed to the account, were not pleased with a message behind the pic, which they found “racist” and engendering hatred and violence.

    “I dont like this. Why are they carrying the heads of white people? Why is it always a competition ? Idk maybe im looking at this wrong [sic]”, one user commented.

    The moderators behind the account rushed to respond to haters with no less heated a message:

    “What y’all white colonizers not gonna do is come here and disrespect this sacred Black space!! The block button is ON! Your comments are being deleted and you will be blocked! Go cry to your white supremacist friends on your own pages! Wanna be heard so bad, but y’all in the wrong place!”

    It appears to be that some people have eventually reported the pic to Instagram, but according to a screenshot of the platform’s response, shared by writer and enthusiast Luke Rudkowski, the company has refused to remove the photo with a claim that “people may express themselves differently”.

    “We found that this photo likely doesn’t go against our Community Guidelines. If you think we made a mistake, please report it again”, the message from Instagram’s support group allegedly said.

    This apparent response has caused an even greater stir on social media, with users slamming the platform’s inaction and questioning whether the situation would have been different if “the races were reversed”.

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